Feeling like a Leader

What does it feel like to be a leader?

More than likely, feeling like a leader does not occur when writing monthly reports, developing the annual budget, or examining financial data. Being a leader can be identified in multiple ways, by your title, your role in an organization’s hierarchy, your engagement in the community, in a volunteer capacity, or even in your family. Certainly, your technical and organizational skills provide essential structure for operation and keep things moving at a steady pace. While this expertise is a critical component, it does not ignite the emotional aspect of being a leader or should it, as you need to focus your attention on what must be done. 

But emotions come into play when you consider one of the most important factors concerning leadership, that is, people. Most interesting is that you do not need to hold a formal title to be a leader because feeling like a leader involves competencies that you probably already possess and demonstrate daily. First, think about your style, approach, and behavior both in good times and in bad times. Then consider these competencies:

  • Influence-Observable actions that others want to follow.
  • Motivation-Creating positive energy for yourself and others.
  • Empathy-Being able to step into someone else’s shoes and feel what they feel.
  • Trust-Consistently doing what you say you will do.
  • Relationship-A genuine desire to help people change and develop skills to reach their fullest potential. 
  • Courage-Standing up for what is right regardless of the consequence.
  • Values-Being true to yourself and to others; never crossing the line you set in stone.

Next think about how each of the competency’s impact and empower people to challenge themselves to break barriers, reach new heights, try new things, and achieve success. In other words, who you are as a leader enables others to be who they are meant to be and more.

No matter if you are leading a large or not so large group of followers, hold a fancy title, are part of a team, or the head of the household, what you feel is powerful and combined with your actions, you are continually being observed by others. Tapping into the human side of leadership solicits leadership feelings and evolves as you engage deeper with people. Therefore, if you feel like a leader, you are a leader.

Wherever you are in your leadership journey, aspiring, emerging, or seasoned, to be a leader, you must first feel like a leader. 

So, when was the last time you felt like a leader?

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